Sunday, June 5, 2011


K I know...gross angle...but I had to show it.


TIme is going by fast....only SEVEN weeks left! I know people who have birthed twins will roll their eyes at this comment, but seriously...I am so uncomfortable. I feel ginormous and I still have almost two months to go. I am always telling McKay that I know I don't look big enough for how dramatic I am being, but standing up really is a challenge. I am still loving pregnancy at this stage! Whoever said that the second trimester is the best is so wrong. I was still puking and not showing. THE THIRD TRIMESTER IS THE BEST. Girls at church are just starting to say "Oh my gosh... you are pregnant?!"...haha. 

McKay and I are NOT doing good with preparation. So far, our baby has enough clothes to last him until he is about 18 months...and no car seat, no crib, no diaper wipes (we do have diapers) and pretty much nothing else. We are going to buy stuff this week so I am really excited! Oh...and he has baby lotion. My grandma got it so that her and my mom could smell it for the nine months they are waiting for him to get here...

I am still refusing to wear maternity clothes. Two doctors have laughed at my rubber band holding my non-maternity pants up. As you can see from the shirts are starting to look a little white trash with my stomach coming out the bottom!

And...SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER! Poor McKay...this semester has been rough for him. I have never heard of so much homework. I definitely look up to my hard-working husband who is doing school and work and about eight hours of homework a day. 


I know when we leave Rexburg, I am probably going to cry. This is where McKay and I met, dated, were engaged, had our first home and so many other memories...but I have lived here for about three's enough. And I miss my friends. All my friends are gone and have moved on from here...except me. haha

It is starting to get sunny here which makes me so excited. I actually love Rexburg in the summer. This is my favorite part about the summer here:

McKay takes me to get these a lot.

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  1. you are so cute!!!! We need to get together before you leave! I can't wait until baby walker comes!


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