Saturday, January 15, 2011

Okay I know this might be a little cheesy to read, but there is something I just have to say…I truly have the best husband in the whole entire world. McKay is having a boy’s night right now (much-deserved!) and of course, I can’t stop thinking about him (we are only a room apart haha). But I just wanted to write a little thank you to my McKay to tell him how much I love him. I’m not sure if most people would gauge my pregnancy a hard one…but it sure has been hard for me! McKay has been incredible. Whether it’s running around to find whatever sandwich/smoothie I think I can hold down, doing our laundry, cleaning our apartment, telling me jokes to make me laugh, lying next to me and holding my hand, or holding a bowl while I puke, he seriously does it all. He’s constantly wondering what he can do to make something even a little better. The amazing thing about McKay is that he is like this…to EVERYONE. I have never met someone who is so concerned about others and making them feel happy and loved. We can be in a room full of people and he will pick out the one person who is having a hard time and make them happy. I truly look up to him more than anyone and hope someday I can be a little more like my amazing husband. Thank you hunny for everything you do and who you are. You’re my HERO! I love you more than you will ever know!


  1. Ali! That made me cry! I am glad you are so happy! You deserve it girl! I miss you! And can't wait to see your cute baby!

  2. I love you and am so happy that you are so happy! McKay really is a wonderful guy. I'm so glad you found each other! Can't wait to meet the new addition to your (our) family!


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