Thursday, June 15, 2017

Where healing comes from

I was reading this talk from President Kimball today on administration to the sick and I want to always remember this part I read:

"It must be remembered that no physician can heal. He can only provide a satisfactory environment and situation so that the body may use its own God-given power of re-creation to build itself. Bones can be straightened, germs can be killed, sutures can close wounds, and skillful fingers can open and close bodies; but no man yet has found a way to actually heal. Man is the offspring of God and has within him the re-creating power that is God given. And through the priesthood and through prayer, the body’s healing processes can be speeded and encouraged. Again, how grateful we are for the skill and patience and understanding of our great men who are trained to give us such marvelous service."

Ever since I saw the picture above, I have loved it because it depicts so beautifully how I feel. Throughout this entire process I have felt so much gratitude for doctors and scientists and their sacrifice and dedication for all they have learned. I even had a cheesy moment where I was driving through the University of Washington district and thinking about all the up-and-coming doctors who were in medical school and all they would do for the world. But still, I know that no knowledge would be available without inspiration from and the guiding hand of our Heavenly Father. I just keep being reminded that He has power over all things. And I think that truth can sometimes be read with a bit of misunderstanding and even resentment. I've thought more about people without religion than I ever have before because I can't imagine how anyone could go through a hard trial without the knowledge  that they are a child of God. It would just be so hard. And confusing! And dark. I think that some may be put-off by the belief that God is over all, because without a true understanding, it would seem as if we are puppets on a string. Or it may seem that by following God's laws, life is restricted. Or even the belief that there is only room in God's church for a certain type of person. None of that is true. 

I have come to realize that God having power over all things gives us more agency, room for progression, limitless knowledge, boundless blessings, and miracles within reach. Heavenly Father wants to bless us. He wants to reveal things to us. He wants us to gain more knowledge. More understanding. And I have found that when I ask for a small portion of guidance, I am given to more generously than I would ever ask for. I have never really studied the New Testament but lately I have felt drawn to the Savior's life specifically so I have been reading in the Bible. Miracles were constantly preformed by the Savior and most of the time followed by a request to the recipient to tell no one. I understand now that one of the reasons for that is because the Savior wanted no recognition. He never boasted. He only wanted to bless the people around Him. Something else I noticed in I think every miraculous account, is that the recipient had to ask. That is the same for us. We have to ask and God is more than willing to bless us. I feel that He is eager. He is waiting. I don't believe it's always in the way we hope, but I do believe that if it's not, it's in a better way. 

This feels like kind of a stupid example to put out there, but I remember one of my brothers falling so hard for girls he dated. He would get close to them so fast and from an outside perspective, it was easier to see that there may be a better choice for both of them. We would have lots of talks and he would struggle imagining someone better for him (if that were right) and I always told him that whatever level of happiness he felt with that person at that point in time, he would feel an even greater level of happiness if God's will for him was different. I think that's true in all cases and I think it parallels prayer and when we ask for things. 

True, lasting healing, in every definition of the word, comes from God. There are abilities He has blessed every one of His children with, whether faithful or not. But it really helps to have faith because then you can know and understand even more. There are more blessings available to you. There is more guidance. And more miracles- because miracles come through faith  

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