Tuesday, May 2, 2017

11 Months

My baby boy-

Just so you know, I am obsessed with you. I don't know how many times a day I say to your dad, just LOOK at him...seriously??!! How can he be THAT perfect? I hope you never in your entire life question how much you are loved because I'm pretty sure you are the most loved baby in the entire world. You bring a special spirit to our home. This month especially, I have needed that. All I have to do is look at you and you bring me happiness instantly. There have been some special moments where you have known exactly what I needed and you just lay on my chest for as long as I want. Most of my days are spent holding you. You do not like to be put down! Sometimes I even forget you are there. Thanks for being my sidekick. I love you more than you will ever understand. My Cash baby boy.

At 11 months YOU:

don't love baths as much. You are usually okay in the beginning, but after a few minutes, you are done! You start crying and stand up against the edge and look and me and bounce up and down until I get you out. Oh! And you started splashing sometimes. It's so cute.

LOVE sweet potatoes, strawberries, COWS MILK, white cheddar puffs (we'll pretend this is the baby brand and not Cheetos...but they're Cheetos), and raisins

LOVE LOVE LOVE your daddy. I have never seen you reach for anyone as aggressively as you reach for him

will stand up for a few seconds at a time- usually it's only when you're not trying. If we try to get you to stand, you usually won't. You don't even really like to hold our hands and take steps. You are pretty content just being carried forever!

have been going to bed at like 8:00! It's a miracle! You have been our little night owl since you were born and now you go to bed when your brothers go to bed. I hold you and feed you a bottle (or two...we need to get bigger ones) and you fall asleep. You still like to be swaddled!

usually don't wake up during the night. Sometimes you wake up really early in the morning and dad usually gets you but then you cry until I take you from him and then you find a really awkward way to lay on me and then you fall asleep again. :)

love to be chased! Your favorite game is when I hold you and we run away from Jax or Jonah. That is when you laugh the very hardest!

will not sit down in a cart at the store- even if you're strapped in. You always find a way to shimmy out of it and stand up. Usually I just end up putting you in the big part of the cart (but you stand now so it's kind of scary) or I just hold you. You also hate getting in your carseat but you almost never cry when you are in it- unless someone is in the car whose voice you don't recognize.

when you throw fits you arch your entire body. This is usually when you are getting your diaper changed or I am putting you in your high chair, car seat, or stroller...or the floor. You like to be held or up high- like sometimes I put you on my counter when I am getting ready

are becoming quite the tough little brother. I have seen you attack your brothers a few times! You scratch and bite them. Sometimes they are actually scared of you hahahaha

have the best wrists in the world. I don't know why but I am obsessed with your chubby areas and wrists

when I feed you, you play with my teeth. You stick your finger in my mouth and play as you eat and fall asleep. You did that while you nursed and you still do that when I feed you a bottle. Which reminds me- you started taking a bottle this month! You had a couple days when you wanted to nurse, but it was SO much easier than I thought. You are a total trooper!

have the best hair. So many people comment on how cute your hair is! It has gotten lighter and now looks a lot like dad's color. Kind of an ashy blonde. I LOVE it.

love to knock over block towers. Jax gets so frustrated sometimes because he builds things and you love to knock them over! One night we all sat in a circle and played a game to see how high we could stack towers before you crawled to ours and knocked it over!

You have four teeth! Two on the bottom (those were your first ones) and two on the top! Dad thinks you're gonna have a gap, but I think they'll come together!

You are a really good eater. When you're about done eating you always try to grab the spoon or the fork from me and if I don't let you have it you get really mad and arch your back and bang your head against your high chair. It always makes me feel so bad. That's usually when I know you're done eating! :)

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