Thursday, June 16, 2016

One Month

Oh Cash. Everyone is so obsessed with you. I watch your brothers with you, and know I will never have to worry about any shortage of friends or people looking out for you. As I type this, I keep saying Jonah, stop! because you are right next to me on the floor, in your seat, and Jonah is in your face kissing you and talking to you and bouncing you, making sure you are happy. The car he has been fighting with Jax over all morning is on your side, and I know he put it next to you probably so you could "play wif" it. 

At One Month, you

Love to be swaddled! Your brothers never liked to be, but you do. At night I wrap you up really warm, and put my cheek against your forehead, and we fall asleep!

Are a really good nurser. You're not the best latcher. Usually it takes us a couple times. You have been nursing less for a lot longer than you did at first!

You only wake up once a night usually! This last week you have had kind of a stuffy nose which really frustrates you. You HATE your nose sucker. I try to avoid using it because you scream so loud, it wakes up daddy, but sometimes we just have to.

You are still in 0-3 clothes, but not for long! They were huge on you when you were born. I can't believe you are already out of them almost! They aren't quite too small yet, but we are getting there. I am guessing next month! It makes me sad, but you have a bunch of cute 3-6 month clothes, so it's okay I guess :) 

Every morning we cuddle with our faces really close right when you wake up. You are really really intent on people's faces, especially mine. It's something special about you and one of the things I love so much. You look right into my eyes and lately you have been smiling so much when you do it. Which reminds me...

You are SO smiley. I think you have smiled every single day since you have been born! The last couple days I think I have been getting you to smile a little. Two days ago I was kissing your face all over and you kept smiling when I was doing it. You smile a lot when I kiss your lips and cheeks. Sometimes I'll be kissing you and I feel you start to smile and it's my favorite! You have the best smile! Your smile kind of reminds me of Jax's. Yesterday Jonah was holding you in your little bouncer seat and you were just smiling. It was so sweet!

When we put Jax and Jonah to bed, dad and I take you downstairs and cuddle you. We take turns holding you. Dad used to just let me hold you and I never really had to share, but lately he's been taking you from me! He loves your chubby cheeks (they are starting to get chubby!) It's really cute because dad can tell I want to just snuggle you but sometimes (like last night) he says, "can I hold him?" and I always give you to him because he misses you a lot during the day.

I always bragged about how easy of a baby you were (and you are!) but you are liking to be held lately. I don't mind though. I love holding you! Last night I was trying to hurry and clean once you three boys fell asleep and you woke up screaming, wanting to be held. I picked you up and you immediately stopped. I love it though. I love knowing that you know me and want me to hold you. I left you with dad last Sunday when I went to Ward Council and I came home and you were crying. Right when I took you, you immediately stopped. I hope you'll be a momma's boy like your brothers! I think you will! 

You used to hate being changed and you would scream every time, but you are doing that less and less now. I try to hold the wet wipes in my hand before I wipe your bum because I think they are just too cold for you. You also don't love your carseat. Those are probably the two things you really don't like- besides the nose sucker. 

You LOVE LOVE LOVE baths. I couldn't wait for your cord to fall off so I could bathe you. You took your first bath with your brothers that day and you all loved it. Jax loves token you warm and pour water on your tummy and Jonah just wants to be right next to you at all times. You hate being naked, but right when I put you in the warm water you get instantly calm. I think you have pooped in your last three baths hahaha. You love baths with mommy too. It's one of my favorite things to do with my babies. Our first bath, you just stared at my face, completely calm while I held you. It was one of my very favorite moments with you so far. 

You love your wrap. We have gone shopping and to Jax's ball games and to the beach yesterday and you are really content in it (also a first for me with my babies). You just lay on mommy and sleep the entire time. I love it!

You sleep with me every night and take naps on our bed. We don't use your nursery. Maybe when you're one! :)

You are so so so loved by your brothers, and you love them too. I've been so surprised at the amount of times they can just calm you when you are fussy and I think you just want to eat. Whenever you cry, I know your brothers will race to wherever you are. The other day you were kind of fussy, but Jax really wanted to hold you, and you fell asleep right in his arms! I think you feel how much they love you. 

You have the prettiest features on your face. I think that if I had to pick someone, I would say you look the most like Jax, but I think you have a look all your own! Grandma thinks you look like your daddy. Auntie Chris thinks you look like ME (that's a first so I had to write that down!). Most people I think have said you look like Jax, if anyone. But everyone says you have a look all your own! You have big pretty eyes that we can't tell if they will be blur or brown, and the prettiest lips. Your hair is dark and you are getting dark little eyebrows! You used to have more hair, but you're getting a little bald on the top! haha

There are so many other things that I will add as I think of them, but right now your brother Jonah is playing in your bouncer trying to do a "backflip" and you are sleeping on my bed, so I should probably shower! We love you our little Cash boy. Your dad gave me a blessing the week before you were born and in it he said that we already had a special love for each other and a special connection. I feel that every day. I'm so glad you're my baby boy. 

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