Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Bike Ride

Daddy came home from work and you wanted to get on your bike that was in the garage! You have had this bike since you turned one (Grandpa John got it for you for your birthday), but you couldn't reach the pedals until now. I can't believe you finally can! You are getting so big! 
Almost immediately after you got on the bike though, the bike tipped and you fell. You got a giant bruise on your head and dad and I felt so bad. We wanted you to still love your bike, so I ran and got my camera while dad tried to get you to ride a little more. He held on tight to make sure you wouldn't fall again. I think between the pain and the cold weather outside, you were just done. 
So we took you inside, and we are going to practice again when it is a little warmer outside! And don't worry, we will hold on tighter, buddy!

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