Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Memory: By (my cousin!) Chelsi

Valentines Day was always such a bland holiday for me. I would watch couples be all mushy and lovey when I didn’t have anybody to be anything with. That romance was non-existent until I met Trevor. While I was away at school and he was at home, we found ways to see each other and the only time he was able to visit in February was the weekend before Valentines Day. I was so annoyed that I had to spend another romance-free holiday alone and be away from him. Little did I know, all would be okay in the end! He came up to visit me with three bags of candy hearts (my favorite candy), other Valentines Day treats, and a love letter and gave it to me the last day he was there. Even though it didn’t feel the same, I was still SO happy to have him. Then, Valentines Day rolled around and I got up to go to class and when I opened the door, a bouquet of flowers sat on my doorstep with another love letter expressing how much he loved me. Even though it didn’t’ all happen on one day, that, was my favorite Valentines Day.


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