Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Every single year growing up, my dad would make us write down our resolutions. We wrote them on a new sheet of computer paper every year, folded them up and then stuffed them in the same envelope as we had the years before. Whenever we knew it was resolution-writing time, we would all kind of whine and hurry to get them done- Stop teasing my brothers, don't talk back, get all A's in school, etc. The normal stuff. More of a things-I'm-working-on list. After I was done writing, I would fold it up, stick it in the envelope and write my name, a heart, and the name of the boy I loved that year. Then I was done.

During my last couple married years, I have still written down my resolutions, because my husband makes me. But this year is special, because I have actually made resolutions by my own free will. And McKay wrote his, as he always does.

Here are our resolutions for 2013:


Give people the benefit of the doubt
I don't know how to explain this well, but I have an example.
A little while ago, Jax and I went to Fred Meyer. Grocery shopping is never easy with him, and when we got outside, it was pouring down rain. Like POURING bad. I stood under the covered area for a couple seconds, wondering what to do because I didn't have a raincoat for Jax or an umbrella- and we were parked kind of out there. All of the sudden, a small little old man walking pass me stopped, turned to me, glared and meanly grumble/yelled, "You don't have a hat for that baby!" And then walked away. So there I was- and I was feeling kind of stupid, really "young" and unprepared. I then decided to just stuff Jax under my sweatshirt and run to the car- during which he was fighting to get out, revealing to the entire parking lot that I was only wearing a bra and nothing else under my sweatshirt. I know. So then we got all situated and I started thinking things like What a grumpy man. He must be really unhappy in his life to be that mean to random strangers. Old people think they know everything (I know, that's a bad one.) etc. etc. etc. 
But ever since then I have thought about that little experience and I really don't want to be like that. I don't want to have make rude assumptions about people to make myself feel better when I am offended. And it really doesn' make me feel better.
And maybe he really is a happy nice man, just disappointed that I was taking my baby into the pouring rain. MAYBE.

Read a lot more
Since Jax has been born, I don't know if I have finished an entire book. At the end of the day, I usually want my brain to just rest. So I usually do something mindless and then I go to bed feeling blah. I used to read a lot and I want to be like that again. Plus, I want my kids to see me reading and to love reading themselves.

Be content
With Pinterest, blogging, media and everything else, it's so easy for me to want more- something else- something different than what I have. That's a big thing that I want to work on this year. When I think about the people who I look up to the most, not one of them has the best house or the cutest clothes or the best (fill in the blank). They are happy because they are grateful for what they have and they are content and comfortable with that.

Learn to take good pictures
This might be the year (fingers crossed) that I get a good camera. Maybe maybe maybe I will get it...and then I want to practice practice practice.

Be active
Do more outside, find a sport to learn/like, firm up my flat bum, buy bikes for all of us


      Get rid of my man boobs.
When I was younger I was always skinny. Then in high school after sports were over I got lazy and one of my friends said I was turning into a “skinny, fat kid.” Since then I have had more ups and downs  than Oprah.

            Read one book a month
I read a statistic a couple days ago that said 56% of all college graduates never read a book from cover to cover again. I first was happy because I have read one book, the Hunger Games. But then after I thought about it for a while I realized I listened to it on tape, and I still haven’t read a book for two years since I graduated.

            Be a guest blogger for my wife’s famous blog
Whenever Ali tells me about her blog I feel happy because I feel like it is our blog, but I haven’t done anything for it. I hope someday she can see my writing talentz and gives me contribution privileges. It would be the best decision of her life.

            Teach Jax how to moon walk, first teach myself how to
Just thought it would be a cool thing to see a one year old bust a move.

            Become a computer nerd and code a software for world cup 2014
So, I really like soccer and I really envy computer nerds. So I want to become both of those things this year and get ready for the World Cup.

      Build a gate for our backyard
When it gets warmer. My wife wants me to build her a gate for the backyard. I still have to fix our gopher problem though. That made me mad last year.


  1. You two are freaking precious. Love this post. I am trying to read more, and hey -- you did what any normal sane woman would do in the rain to protect their babe ;) ps- your outfit for NY is stunning. Seriously love the blazer/glitter combo!

  2. Looooove your outfit! And I'm loving both of your guys' resolutions!

  3. love your resolutions! i'm guilty of not giving people the benefit of the doubt too. need to work on that one.
    happy new year girl!

  4. love your resolutions! i need to practice practice practice with my camera for sure!

    also, i thought that old man story was going in a different direction...i read a story on Kate(Motley Mama)'s blog where it was pouring when she got out of the grocery store and an old man came up and said something like "you take the baby, i've got this" and took her cart to the car for her! sooo, there are great ppl out there? (i think it was her blog, but now i can't find the post...)

    happy new year!

  5. Those are perfect goals...I, also, need to learn to be content and take better pictures...! 2013 is the year!

  6. I seriously love this. I want to start reading more too... And I want to see McKay guest post!

  7. Loooove this, Ali! I couldn't agree more with your resolution to be more content. That's something I'm working on this year, as well. Happy new year, friend!

  8. Great list of goals! I need to read more and learn to be more content too. Happy New Year!

  9. Great resolutions! I still need to officially write mine down. You two are so great! Ugh. Wish we lived closer so we could double date!!

  10. You guys are so cute! Best wishes on both your goals & resolutions! =)


  11. Love the resolutions I need to do mine... lol and the blazer adorable!
    Happy New Year!

  12. What great resolutions! I agree with giving people benefit of the doubt. I sometimes catch myself getting worked up on the drive to work thinking of how my boss is going to react to certain things and it always ends up fine.

  13. I think 2013 is going to be a really good year for your family! I really really really really really want a camera this year tooooooo, and be more active is becoming a priority - I feel soooo good after a run. Good luck in 2013 you both!

  14. You guys are the cutest, what great resolutions!

  15. If this isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen, I don't know what is! Okay, McKay totally needs some bloggin' privileges.... (although he may forfeit them after he realizes the pressure is on!) Happy New Year to you guys! Can't wait to see your little family grow over the next year!

    It's an Easy Life]

  16. Both of your lists are great!! :)

  17. hahaha i love your guys' lists. so cute! i can't wait to see your husband guest blog. it will be a blast :)

  18. cute!


  19. love these resolutions! especially the first one, so true for so many situations.

  20. These are great resolutions. I really need to read more. Right now, I cheat and listen to books on tape in the car. (Shhhh... ;) lol!)

    I also need to work on being content. It is hard these days since everyone shares what they have through blogs, etc. and we feel like we need more too, but if you look around... what we already have is pretty great.

  21. P.S. On McKay's resolution... a man's point of view could be refreshing in this female dominated blogging world. Here's to his guest posts.

  22. Such a sweet post, great resolutions all around. xo!

  23. Can I just say how adorable you and your family are?!
    And I love how your dad encouraged new years resolutions. :)
    I can totally understand trying to be better about giving people the benefit of the doubt more too. Your epiphany is an inspiration to me because it seems to be harder and harder these days to do that for my stepkids' mom. BUT, for my own peace of mind, I should.
    And being content is a hard one for me as well because there are just so many cute things on pinterest! And especially with so many awesome fashion and DIY blogs, it seems so easy to just want more and more.
    Thank you for this post.
    It's been wonderful to read and such an inspiration :)


  24. Oh my gosh, loooove your outfit! Both the blazer/top are just fantastic!! You both have some great resolutions for the year! Totally with ya on the be content one, and it was so great to hear some of McKay on the blog!! Just tell him your followers will love reading what he writes!

    perfectly priya

  25. Thanks so much for the comment dear! I am in love with your blog, consider me a new follower.

    All the best in 2013, I look forward to what it has in store for you, and your family :)


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