Friday, December 14, 2012

Late night uncensored-ness which I will probably delete in the morning

Isn't it about that time of the month when I tell you that I am almost on my period?
Because I am almost on my period.
And due to that, McKay and I had a talk in the kitchen tonight about how important it is to still be nice to someone who is annoyed with you for no reason. The person who needs to be nice is McKay. The annoyed person is me. First of all, let me push my hormones aside and say that I heart McKay. He played with Jax on his break today and let me sit upstairs and eat a chocolate muffin. Then he did all the dishes after dinner but he did one tiny thing that bugged me just a little tiny bit. He flipped a pot upside down on the counter to dry- so when I picked it up to put it away, water spewed all over the floor and on onto me. I now welcome back the hormones. That water made me very annoyed and how inconvenient it was to be forced to grab a towel and dry the entire thing before bending down to shove it into my tiny pantry, which is a struggle in itself.
So my poor, innocent husband came downstairs to make me popcorn and I tried my very hardest to be nice, but it's hard, you know, when you're in your special time. So I don't remember what happened next, but all I know is that there was some escalation and then a talk about how I need romance when I am feeling like this and to pretend like we are dating again.
So then we read a little and we said our family prayer and we put Jax to bed and we sat on the couch opposite-each other. And we each tapped each other three times (which means I love you). And then I did another tapping (hard to explain) that means "i'm sorry." And then he tapped three times again.

And then he sat up and grabbed my face in both of his hands and said "Ali, you are the most perfect girl in the world to me. No matter what, nothing could make me love you any less. In fact, I love you more right this second than I ever have before. Now let's cuddle and cry together and watch Real Housewives."

I am just kidding.

This is what then happened:



  1. i wish all guys were able to experience pms & periods ONE TIME just so that they know what we are going through. just once.

  2. Agree with the above comment- SO true.

  3. at first i was like wow a guy that will watch real housewives is special. and then i saw the picture below. much more guy-ish!

  4. I love how true to life this is. Thank goodness for the men who are still sweet through it!

  5. I love this....sounds like me and my husband. :)

  6. Um yes, they need to be sooo nice to us - I don't care that I'm acting crazy, I'm not doing it on purpose. I always try to explain that in my head I know I should stop, but I just can't. :/ sorry husbands!

  7. I would have been irritated too. Guys just don't understand that time for girls. I actually last night was trying to explain to my boyfriend that we have good and bad periods and he was like WTF?? IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! Yup, sometimes there is no PMS, no fuss, and your normal in a few days...other times's bad. This time it's bad for me, so he better be nice to me!! =)

    *Hugs* I hope you feel better!

    Ergo - Blog

  8. Hahah! I had the (almost) exact same night the other night! Chris and I were having a lovely evening and then after his company Christmas dinner my hormones just started to rage and I lost it! After us bickering for .0009 seconds, he stopped me and was like, "it is almost that time, isn't it?" When I replied, "yes," he followed with, "Ok that means you really just need someone to vent your feelings to. I won't take it personally. I love you." I was like "ahhhhh!" Why are guys so good when all we want to do it be mad?! They don't get what is going on in this body of ours!

  9. Hahaha, can totally relate to crazy hormones going out of whack! I think every girl in the world is affected by this...oh yes, and their families

  10. I love this so much, please don't delete it. Hahaha I love the fake comment he didn't make, and really he slept. That is so my fiance. Feel better dear ;)

  11. oh my goodness, I was just telling my husband this. I told him he just needs to know already which days to lay off and be nicer. I mean it's not science, just follow the calendar! haha.
    and you so had me going with that holding your face in his hands. i literally was thinking, 'i want my husband to hold my face in his hands!' hahaha. and yeah, your husband passed out on the couch. yep that's so my husband too. i would take a pic but i'd think he would not be too happy.

  12. I can so relate. :) Whether he said that or not, I know he meant it. You guys are fantastic. :)

  13. Well, it's 2pm so you must have forgotten that you left the post up past the morning, or your brain is still clouded by hormones. ;)

    All marriages have rough spots. We can't be in good moods all the time, and, trust me, you're not the only annoyed hormonal girl in the world.

  14. lolol I laughed so hard at the ending. I really wished he said that! but the tapping is still very sweet <3 It's such a great way to say I love you and I'm sorry when it's so hard to actually say it out loud. I'm definitely going to use that someday :) :)

    Also, you know how when you live in a dorm, your period matches your roomates and pod mates and sometimes the entire floor?!
    well, I think I somehow synced with you because mine is soon too, and man chocolate tastes good.


  15. HAHA! Awww. That is awesome. Don't you love when no matter how grumpy you want to be a wonderful man can always bring you out of it? So sweet.


  16. hahaha. this is my life right now. well, not RIGHT now. but a few weeks ago. jordan (my husband) will be like "you are being so irrationally emotional." HELLO. I'm a girl. poor guy.

  17. Hahaha! I love it! You do get a little justification when you're PMSing ;) Good luck on the rest of the storm!


  18. Ali,

    This is so darn cute. Seriously, this post is funny- yet these are the times when you've realized you've chosen the right guy :-) What a keeper. This story is so sweet. And I totally know how you feel!!

    XO Jenna

  19. Never. EVER. delete this! seriously. :)
    I was all ..."OH MY GOSH HE SAID THAT SO SWEEE...ah wait HAHHHAH HILARIOUS" so that was brilliant.
    Also, i love the tapping thing, seriously, gah...cheesy freaking grin on my face right now.
    But you're right, you're brilliantly right. Whenever i'm in that special place i turn into the exorcist on steroids when it comes to emotions, but i've learned that regardless of if i'm there or not...words are still words & actions are still actions and once said/done they can't always be taken back.
    Great post <3

  20. Hahaha. I love the reality of, "Then this is what happened." Yes. I am nodding in understanding. :)


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