Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1, 2, 3

Top: Anthro; Skirt: F21; Hat: Gap

1. Fa la la la la laaaa laaa... womp womp. We decided that Saturday was the day that we were going to finally deck our halls. We ran some errands early in the day, picked up our Elf on the Shelf and went home. Then Jax and I waited excitedly as McKay brought in our Christmas boxes. Finally, the tree was in and the boxes sat, unopened on the floor. I always love opening decoration boxes- because I always find something I love that I forgot I had. That did not happen this year. Thanks to Pinterest, I am no longer satisfied with my decor. And thanks to Pinterest, McKay was so annoyed because I insisted we go to Target at 10:00pm to find "silver balls." So we drove to Target, and then to Fred Meyer, and then to WalMart, and then to the other Target, and I finally got some silver balls- but they got drowned in all my other stuff, so you can't even tell that it is supposed to look "wintery" not woodland-y. 

2. I am embarking on some DIY-ing tomorrow (or Wednesday). I am going to glitter some pinecones! And then I am going to drive around and hunt for some perfect branches to string together and drape around my front door. I saw some perfect ones in the Fred Meyer parking lot and so I might drive there in the middle of the night and chop some trees. (Just kidding, Mr. Meyer)

3. At church on Sunday I was helping in the nursery, and I was in charge of singing time (which was a catastrophe because I had absolutely no control) and a little girl pushed Jax! She seriously just pushed him- all the way on his back. I used to think she was cute, but now I don't. And he just laid there and looked at me. So I gasped and picked him up and cuddled him. And I am just wondering- how do moms ever let their kids go, alone, to nursery or preschool or anywhere without them? I can't. 

4. Tonight I was bored, and I don't think I have talked about this on here, but I love those Wonka jokes. McKay and I call them "sarcastic Wonkas" and we always try to make up funny ones, but we are just not witty enough. Anyways- today at lunch, McKay challenged me to make one that went "viral." And then we just laughed cause that would never happen and McKay forgot about it. 
But then tonight I got bored.
So I typed "blank willy wonka" into google and then I found a perfect photo of McKay. And I got in Photoshop and made one of him- being Wonka. Then I got on a roll. So I made some some sarcastic wonkas for some family members. Then I posted them on their FB walls. I seriously have no life.

These are inside jokes, but I'll explain. 

This one is to McKay. He hated cats and said we could never have one. Then we got one and he named it Benjals. Then it peed on our carpet three times, so I gave it away. He cried.

This one is to my brother. He takes pics of himself on Snapchat and sends them to girls. What they don't know, is that he is sometimes just in his room, in his underwear, with his cat.

All I will say, is that I no longer feel guilty watching raunchy movies in my grandparent's presence.
And grandparents should hide their personal items before grandchildren visit.
And my grandma and grandpa are disgusting. 

It's really late and these are really creepy. In the morning, I will probably get on here and be like onmygoshhh!!!! and delete them. But....if you are on this blog between the hours of 1 and 8am
...I'm sorry...??


  1. Hahaha! You are hilarious. Move to Utah so we can be friends!!

  2. so funny! love your whole outfit...i need a hat like that! :) and pinterest ruined my decorations for me too! oh well! lol.

  3. I think those Wonka cartoons are hilarious as well.

    That's so sad that Jax got pushed :( I'm the same. If someone does something to one of the boys, I start thinking they're not so cute.

  4. Love your outfit! I can't leave my little girl in the nursery alone either!

  5. Haha great laughs! Thanks needed that. Love your hat/outfit! Adorable.

  6. haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!! omg LOL.

  7. haha love this, you are hilarious! and love the mix of colors wth your outfit! so pretty!

  8. i'm cracking up at the Sarcastic Wonka's! :)

  9. sorry?? these were hilarious!! no need to be sorry for extremely funny early in the morning. girl, you are the real funny. these are great! if i were you i'd be giving that little girl the evil eye from now on! hahaha. jk. maybe not.

  10. YAY!! For decking the halls! :)

    I'm super excited about your pinecone DIY. Are you shocked I'm excited about a DIY?? lol! I know they will turn out so pretty.

    P.S. Now you have me 'fa la la la la-ing'. ;)

  11. I refuse to let Pinterest dictate my life ! (who am I kidding, right?)
    hahahahah i'm dying that you used McKay's face!!!!

  12. Haha the Wonka's are cracking me up! I think everything is better dipped in glitter so the pinecones will be awesome! I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart

  13. HA! You are too silly lady. :-) Love it, and your hat btw.

  14. LOL at those Wonka pictures...your grandparents sound interesting if nothing else.

  15. hahaha omg your wonkas are hilar. this is totally something I would do. And your husband is a saint for driving to all of those stores in search of silver balls! also, something I would ask my husband to do! ha oh, our poor men. ;)


    you are beautiful, as always!

  17. Cannot wait to see how you deck your halls and how your pine cones turn out! We didn't do much over here with the mister being in school and we will be out of town but I'm sure Christmas with a little on is a blast! :)

    It’s An Easy Life

  18. LOVE your shirt!! Those pics are toooo funny.

  19. hahah i really want to know what is in "the note" :)

  20. Hi sweety...Thanks so much for your kind wishes, it means a lot to me :)
    You look so gorgeous in these pics, you should definitely do more outfit posts.
    Would also like to see the DIY pinecones, sounds rest. Oh no about the little girl...didn't realise bullying begins at such a young age. LOL at all the wonka pics, you are a riot!

  21. hahaha and the best personalized Christmas gifts goes to...those are awesome!! Cheers to you for even venturing into Christmas Pinterest territory, I'm about to take finals right now and I am just not even going there. ALso I may have said this before but you are rockin' that red lipstick!

    perfectly priya

  22. hahahahahaha thank you for sharing your inside jokes. They really are funny!
    I always laugh out loud when I read your posts.
    Also, what the heck little girl that pushed Jax over?? Not okay.

  23. she pushed him?! Man little girls can be punks!
    Can't wait to see the diy!

  24. you look so sweet in the wide brimmed hat! love it!
    would you like to follow each other?

  25. such a cute outfit! I wish I looked good in hats! xx

  26. LOL! So cute! Damn you pinterest! I am never satisfied with anything anymore..and I'm planning a wedding too and it's just never enough! I have been purposely avoiding that website for the past few weeks to give my wallet a break! I have totally gone to a store late at night on some craft/decor rampage.. :)

  27. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)


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