Sunday, November 11, 2012

You Lately

Dear Jaxers,

We took these pictures on Friday. You wanted to sit on my lap and cried until I let you. You have been wanting to be held and played with and snuggled a lot lately. I think you are getting more teeth. I counted your teeth the other day and you have TWELVE. That is so many. No one can believe how many teeth you have. Getting teeth makes you a little...stinker-ish. Like yesterday when we went out for breakfast as a family. You got so mad at me that you hit the hot chocolate all over our table and down your shirt and onto the carpet- right in front of our waitress. I was so embarrassed, I wanted to die. But then I just looked at you, dipping your fruit into whipping cream and syrup and just thought about how stinking cute you were. Okay...I still wanted to die.
But you are becoming more and more of a cuddler- and that I love- when I pick you up and you lay on my shoulder and wrap your little arms around my neck. Or when we're in the kitchen and you cry because you want to be on the counter, sitting right up close to me. You are my little guy and I love you like you will never know- even when you spill hot chocolate or force me into the halls for two hours of church or cry until I let you drench all your clothes with a faucet of running water. You're my little Jax and I am your "maa".

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