Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Today you were teething bad. Today you cried a lot and wanted me to hold you. Today we took a shower and you laid on my shoulder for as long as you could. Today you fell asleep watching Baby Boost on the TV before your nap. Today you spit out your food, and threw some fits and you sat in real time-out for the first time. Today you kissed me and dad on the lips during family prayer. Today dad put you to bed, but you were so sad that I couldn't leave you in there- so I picked you up and we read two books. You cuddled for three whole books, and then we put you to bed again, and you were happy.

Tonight I miss you. Tonight is one of those nights that I'm sitting here thinking I wish I would have played with you more. Tonight I checked on you and I wanted to pick you up and snuggle you all night (okay, that happens every night.) Tonight you are laying in your crib with your dad's old bear that you snuggle with when we tuck you in. Tonight I checked your whole room twice for spiders. Tonight I can't fall asleep because I am awake, thinking about how much I love you.

Tomorrow I am going to take you somewhere to play. Tomorrow I will cuddle you and hold you as long as you want. Tomorrow I will wake up early and get my stuff done in the morning. Tomorrow we'll read more books than we did today and we'll do more fun things. Tomorrow we'll get some popsicles for when you're teething and some other stuff that will help. Tomorrow we'll have Family Night (like we should have had tonight) and tomorrow we'll do Ring-Around-the-Rosie like ten times!

I love you my little Jaxer boy!

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