Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This little munchkin

was a mama's boy yesterday.

Hat: Anthro; Shirt: Madewell; Skirt: Nords; Boots: Nords (Frye)

He is getting so big, so fast. When Jax was a newborn, I used to lay by him and BAWL when I thought about him growing up. Of course, I never want him to grow way up... like to 18...but I love this little one-year-old guy and I would never want to go back in time.

Speaking of 18-year-olds...I am off to Rexy next week to bring that 18-year-old brother of mine to school. When did he go from my 5-year-old little brother to a college boy? Really though, it makes no difference. He still sleeps at my house, tells me to make him food and makes me do his homework. The only difference is that now he loves the girls and they love him too- as McKay described at 5:30am when he whispered,

"Chad is such a pimp."



  1. Please do a hair tutorial? Please! I'm imagining that if I see how you do your hair, my hair might get some ideas and start behaving. Yours is just gorgeous!! Absolutely love this look too! Once it stops being 98 degrees here in Nashville I would love to try out a full skirt & boots combo!

    I JUST went to take my baby 18 year old brother to college too! Talk about weird, but I'm excited for him! And your brother too, such a fun time! Is he going to be living with you guys?

    perfectly priya

  2. best outfit yet. i want it all. seriously. the skirt & shirt combo is soooo good. and frye boots! on my wardrobe dream list. we have those. we're slowly not buying cheap clothes and checking things off those lists.

    and you really can see mr.jax get older with each picture. what a cute, cute, cutie! xo.

  3. I seriously love these pictures of you and Jax. I saved them on my phone. You are beautiful babes! And yeah, Chad is a pimp.


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