Thursday, August 9, 2012

This baby

got some shots today.

I was really nervous for these shots. I thought that the older he got, the easier it would be (because I would be used to it or something?)...but it's definitely the opposite. Bringing my laughing, talking, walking baby to get shots has definitely been the WORST shot experience so far. There's something about feeling your baby's little body tense and seeing their little mouth open to let out that high-pitched "pain" cry that makes a mom want to cry right along with them.

So far though, he has been GREAT. No soreness (that I can tell), no fever...just a very happy little guy!
He even met a new friend today when he wandered out the front door, naked.
I guess we will be the white-trash family of the neighborhood.

ANYWAYS...outfit pics! 

Sweater: Madewell; Dress: Marshalls; Earrings: F21


  1. so freaking jealous you're in a sweater. i'm dying of heat over here and all i want to wear is a tee shirt & shorts!

  2. Aww poor baby! The sweater is adorable, I want it!


  3. you look so pretty!

    - A.

  4. Cute outfit :)


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