Friday, August 31, 2012

The parent kind of spontaneous

Last night, at about 6:00, McKay had a spontaneous idea to "go to the fair!" I love him and I love the fair, so we jumped in the car and started driving. Then it happened, the thing that always happens in my brain where I agree to do something last-minute that wasn't planned. The Oh crap what about this thoughts. Jax hadn't been fed, he wasn't dressed warm enough, the drunks might be at the fair at night, the animals wouldn't be there, etc. So we went to a park instead. 

There was some tension because Jax was screaming and McKay and I had the realization that we weren't spontaneous or young anymore. Then we concluded that we just needed to be the parent kind of spontaneous and maybe in the morning say "Tonight ...guess what? We're going to go to the fair!" 

Later we went and got some dessert (cake for me, bread for Mckay). Then we went home and laughed at funny YouTube videos until we came across one of a soldier coming home from Iraq and surprising his son and then I think we both cried. Then around 1am we both went to bed feeling happy and young again.


  1. It's so interesting to read stuff like this, because I am totally not there yet! What a weird feeling. Love that you were able to re-kindle your youngness with YouTube though, ha! And that his dessert is bread? What is that all about?! Haha happy Friday Ali!

    perfectly priya

  2. I love watching funny youtube videos with my hubby!But strangely enough it always ends on a sad note because of a pup or child welcoming home a soldier!They get me EVERY time!

  3. Love the honesty on your blog... makes my heart warm! It's not always perfect but you always find the fantastic in everything! Hope you enjoy your holiday and make it to the fair at some point :)

    It's an Easy Life

  4. perfect closing line. it makes me feel the best kinds of fuzzies.


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