Friday, August 24, 2012

"The Dustpan Story" & A Poll

If you read this, you have to vote.

Sweater: Gap

Once upon a time, in the tiny town of Rexburg, a girl met a boy.

In other words- I met McKay, in Rexburg, Idaho. 
McKay is an Idaho boy- raised in Boise. And 'Idaho boy' is a boy who is used to lots of snow and farmland and winters that are from you know where. Keep that in mind while reading.

Also, keep in mind that McKay told me I probably should post this story because no one will agree with me...

k, continued...

Anyways... We met. We flirted. McKay invited me over for the first time. He was older. He had cool friends. They were watching the Cavalier/Jazz game. I got the Cavaliers mixed up with the Celtics. I was not seeming super smart. McKay was sitting by me. I saw something familiar on the TV shelf. It reminded me of something my mom had sent me in a package. I thought it was a dustpan and broom. I told McKay that I also had one of those. My mom sent it to me. 
It was a snow scraper.

McKay and his roommates started laaaaaaaaaaaaughinggggg. They laughed about it all the way to the store to get the ingredients to make Muddy Buddies and all the way home. In the car, I was of course saying, Oh my gosh, guys it really does look like a dustpan! By in my mind, of course thinking: These boys are so dumb. helloo. Not everyone grows up with mounds of snow.

But seriously (non-Idaho/other freezing states people), 
what does this thing look like:

but picture the scraper more like this:
(because that's what mine was like )

A. It looks like a brush and dustpan- Team Ali

B. It looks like a snow scraper- Team boys

C. It looks like a snow scraper, but I want to be on Ali's team- Team Ali

P.S. I guess sometimes the "ditz" thing works...???
We're married!


  1. C. but i grew up in a snowy winterland!

  2. Sorry, gonna have to go with C too. But, in your defense I can totally see it. I am probably just so used to seeing snow scrapers at this point it's skewing my judgement. I did grow up in GA though- so I think my vote still counts. Live the sweater, Haley and I both almost bought it.

  3. I am going with C. BUT I totally see where you were coming from!

  4. Pre-rexburg days i think i would vote a. I didnt know what they were when i first moved there. But my first one was a long one with the scraper on one side and brush on the other. I didnt even know i needed one and had to learn the hard way....

  5. I'm so glad you included option C - that's what I have to go with :)

  6. Hahahaha. Oh that makes me laugh. Option C for sure. But I grew up in Idaho basically my whole life as well. But aren't you from Washington or something? Don't they have snow there? The kind that you have to wipe off your window, too? Just like in Idaho? Haha. :) that was good.

    1. I didn't know you guys knew each other! How fun! Love you both.... (Ali I apologize for Jason- I feel like he was probably part of the making fun...)

    2. Hey jan! I more know McKay. So therefore by association know Ali? I guess?

  7. hahaaa.i am DYING. this sort of thing happens to us all the time. robbie calls them my "four point slow" moments because i got straight a's in college, but i'm completely unable to function in the real world without a little help. i just don't understand basic things or how they work. it's hard for me to vote. i'm going to go with C!

  8. Tell McKay to suck it - C ! I'm a Canadian girl, but I can totally see where you are coming from though! hahaha McKay probably loves this story, I know my fiance loves telling my dumb moment stories. Gotta love them!

  9. A. It could totally pass as a dustpan! And believe me, I have done/said much stupider things than this, in the prescence of cute boys (or boy, that I could possibly be dating now) so I don't even consider this bad at all! Cute cute story though, and like you said, it worked out ok :) would love to see more wedding pictures at some point (maybe they're already on your blog) because they look gorrrgeoussss!

    perfectly priya

  10. Sorry friend. C. Thank you for the C option.

  11. Oops misspelled a word... i have a mini broom and dustpan that look just like that! A!


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