Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer is coming to an end.


Sweater: Free People; Pants: Gap; Shoes: Nords

...just kidding. I am so excited!
Today I went with my grandma to Home Goods. Love that store. Inside they had one big row dedicated to Halloween decor. It made me so excited and happy.
I have loved fall ever since I was a little girl. Back to school, fall shopping, pumpkin desserts, closer to Christmas, etc. It's just the best. I think of myself more as a fall girl because I have brown hair. That probably doesn't make sense to anyone. Is it one of those things that just make sense in my head? Probably. Blondes= Summer, brunettes= Fall.
When I see that actually written out, it really makes no sense.


I've been making a mental list of all the things I want to do this Fall. Many, to me, is three...because I have a baby and a husband, so a list of 10 would never be accomplished.

1. Make caramel apples (the good Rocky Mountain kind...not the sick kind with the peel-off and place-on caramel from the produce section).

2. Go to a corn maze. McKay and I have been talking about this since we were dating, yet we have never done it. My favorite field trip as a kid was always the corn maze one. Mostly because the farms usually had kittens.

3. Carve pumpkins. Last Halloween I tried to get McKay into the spirit! You know...go to the grocery store, walk over the mounds of pumpkins, select the perfect one, examine all sides, be so excited, buy it, take it home, bathe it, cut it, proudly display on porch. 
No. We did none of those things.

Last year: Go to grocery store. Ali jumps on mound...

McKay: (In a hissing-whisper) Alllliiiiiiii....get downnnn! Oh. my. gosh.

Ali: McKay, get up here! Pick your pumpkin.

McKay: No. I'm not climbing up there. (he's mature.)

Ali: Okay, pick up a pumpkin and pose for a picture!

McKay: No. Okay...hurry.

Ali: So which pumpkin did you choose?

McKay: I don't know...this one. It doesn't matter.

Does that sound like a good pumpkin picking? 
This year will be better.
...right, McKay?
McKay will climb the mounds!


  1. I love Fall...I've always said it's my season!

    P.S.I SO agree...blondes= Summer brunettes= Fall...but not too sure where red heads come in?!

    1. hahaha that is hilarious because I was just thinking the same exact thing!

  2. hahaa! ohhhh my gosh, ali. i love fall so much that i can't even talk about it. i get so excited i could vomit. i wish i were kidding.

    and i totalllyyyyy hear you when it comes to thinking of brunettes as fall girls. i think my mom actually put that one in my head. so you're not alone.


  3. yeeee fall I can't wait! The corn maze around here is haunted at night certain days of the week, and it is scaaaaaary! People poppin out of the corn at you, following you, costumes - scary! But the corn maze during the day is definitely a good time! :)


  4. I remember our third grade field trip to the corn maze like it was yesterday

  5. I am SO excited for fall.

    & your blog is adorable.

  6. Love your outfit, everything is so nice! :)

  7. You should check this place out: It's the same Bob behind the Bob's Red Mill products. I went there last year with a bunch of friends and had a blast. They have a corn maze (it's not haunted, but still cool) and a huge pumpkin patch with pumpkins of different colors. It's pretty sweet. I love fall too!

  8. I am so ready for Fall! Definitely the best time of the year... I mean obviously because I am brunette. :) I have never been to a corn maze! It is always on my to-do list for Fall and then never happens. I am too chicken for the haunted ones those... I want to go to a kiddie one. Cute outfit, as always, Ali!

  9. YES to everything about this post. i LOVE fall (got that brunette-fall syndrome going just the same). Pumpkin patches & corn mazes seem to be just about the most romantic fall date you can go on! I'm gonna try to make one of those happen too!

    perfectly priya


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