Monday, August 20, 2012

Five things

Hmm. How should I put this...

Shirt/shirt: Urban; Shoes: Old Navy; Necklace: Nords 
and I did not wear this today. Today is last night's pajamas, continued. got off to a nightmare of a start.

Jax woke up mad and whined the entire morning. We are starting to implement a tiny bit of discipline (even using that word "discipline" in reference to my baby sounds wrong.) After about fit #3 I picked him up and calmly walked him upstairs to his crib and closed the door. I went back downstairs to clean and heard crying and banging for a few minutes. Then he went to sleep.
I cleaned and went upstairs to check on him about three times to make sure that the sleep was not concussion-induced (from the banging sound...which could have been head-banding.)

Anyways, on that lovely note I am going to change my attitude...

starting NOW :)

Here are a five things that I am very grateful for today:

1. Kisses from my baby boy...even if he bit my lip so hard that I started crying afterwards
(there were good intentions)

2. Pizza for lunch. Sometimes pizza just tastes really really good.

3. Husbands who never really take breaks (they come home for lunch, put your baby in their car seat, go pick up a pizza, come home, feed baby, clean bonus room, go back to work.)

4. Husbands who give really really long hugs when you need them the most (when you're crying in exhaustion/frustration/pain from your bleeding lip after your baby bites you)

5. Dads who stop by...just to say hi...just when you need it. Is it just mine, or do some dads just bring a calm, good, comforting feeling to a home? Mine does, and for that I am very grateful. Thanks for stopping by dad. :)


  1. BABE TOWN! i love your necklace! i just started reading bringing up bebe and it has some ideas that seem good for toddlers...i've never raised a toddler myself, so i don't know how practical they are, but it's an interesting read!

  2. Love the colors together! Hope the rest of the day gets smoother!

  3. Cutest outfit! You're so pretty :)

  4. Oh goodness! Bless your soul... thank goodness for sweet husbands and dads! And hey, YOU MADE IT! Tomorrow is a new day :) I hope it's better! Nonetheless, your pictures are adorable!

    It's an Easy Life

  5. For serious. I want to be you. You are the cutest.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment, this is amazing, definitly following!
    Material Fixations

  7. Your "discipline" is exactly what we did. Totally age appropriate and helps everyone involved stay alive! ;) Good for you for seeing a need in your little family and problem-solving. You rock!

    1. I totally followed your advice from before and I think it's the best thing to do for this age too! :)

  8. Bless little Jax! It's an important step for babes though. I hope it goes well. I'm sure the pizza made everything better, right? ;) plus can I just say how adorable your top is and how pretty you look here! Lovely! x

  9. LOVE your outfit. And thanks for stopping by my blog last week! New follower! :)


  10. hooray for staying positive! love you madly, girl. xo.


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