Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fashion blogging and other stuff

Well, the husband is working through lunch again, so I guess no outfit picture until after five, AGAIN. Oh well. I am liking this blogging thing. I am liking the documenting-a-little-about-every-day thing. 
The fashion blogging thing- I am having some thoughts about that. And I guess to describe them, I first need to tangent off to where those thoughts originated. Conversations like this:

Me: I want to do something.
McKay: Then do something.
Me: What?
McKay: What do you love?
Me: I don't know...

(I really did know what I loved). I think for some people, the married-them is just a continuation of the single-them. They keep doing what they do, they keep saying what they say and keep loving what they love. For me, it wasn't that 'smooth.' Before I got married, I focused a lot on the married-me. The wife, the mom, and all that that entailed. That's normal, I think. I mean, how could you not fantasize about married life when you have a hot fiance you're in love with and how could you not imagine being a mom to cute little kids someday? The problem was, I felt like being those two things took precedence over who I was and that I suddenly needed to change a lot. In some ways, I think that's good. Lots of things get sacrificed when you become a wife, lots more when you become a mom. It's the "good, better, best" way of thinking. Sacrifice something good for something better. In other ways, it was hard. Because being who you are and who you are becoming, should mesh- and I didn't know how to mesh them.

So I thought: since I'm married now, do I have to have a passion for cooking or sewing? And since then, I've learned this: definitely not, because that's not what makes me a wife or a mom.

The outcome is this,

Married life- love it. Mom life- love even MORE. Cooking? Like it. Folding laundry? Hate it. Kissing husband after work? LOVE it. Snuggling baby in the morning? Favorite thing.
Doing something I love even when it doesn't fit into the "wife/mom" category in my head? Required.

And this, you guys, is why I am doing a fashion blog at the moment. Because it's fun and I want to.

Pictures on the road by our house? Awkward
Finally getting to wear cute clothes? Exciting
Brothers think it's weird? Probably
Husband says 'daaang' sometimes? Awesome
Phase? Maybe
Doing something just because it's me? Needed.


  1. love the sentiment, ali! it's important to have things that are just you things. and you know, they've got ripples too. taking time to get dressed, try new things -- that boosts your confidence, changes your mood, pushes the limits of your creativity -- and the people who are around you get to witness that. keep it up -- it's only going to get better and better. xo!

  2. ali i love all your posts! they're real, genuine, and i couldn't agree more that having something you love to do, just for "you" is such a good thing. being a mom and wife is fulfilling and rewarding, but only if you've taken care of yourself first and are happy. i find that when i don't take time for myself or try new things, or have that "me" time, i'm not as good at taking care of others when my cup is kinda empty.

    i love your fashion blogging. keep it up! it inspires me to dress better, haha. :) plus you always look adorable.

    1. So true! I love this, "i'm not as good at taking care of others when my cup is kinda empty."
      TOTALLY agree.

  3. Love this. I think the important thing about blogging is that it shouldn't feel like it has to be everyday or like a chore. Keep it something that you enjoy doing!

  4. Doing things just because you want/need to. I like it! Lovely unnamed blog (:

    xoxo, hm

  5. 1. loving the new header.
    2. this really resonated with me! i grew up riding horses and doing yoga every day. i was busy, in terrific shape, and consumed with things i LOVED. now, i LOVE being wife/mom to my davids, but there aren't any barns or yoga studios in rexburg. sooo...i blog. and it's fun because it motivates me to get dressed every day, it connects me with people outside of this tiny town, and it lets me get a little creative. so basically, ditto, girlfriend.
    3. i'm commenting on like all your posts recently, but i'm just really happy you're fashion blogging and i can stalk it.

    1. Well I am glad you blog, because I love yours so much! I stalk yours too. and i'm glad you can relate! Sometimes it's easy to feel like i'm the only one with these kinds of things! :)

  6. Well said! I think this experience of transition is so relate-able and true!

  7. Ok, one last comment from me today and then I'll leave. I loved reading this! And good for you for blogging because it's really something you love, enjoy, and want to do! That's like the most honest decision to fashion blog I've heard of, and I like that a lot. I've also spent most of my life looking forward to being a wife and mother, so I totally relate to what you said about that! It's just awesome to read from someone on the other side of that. Anyway, keep up the good work, I love it!

    perfectly priya


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