Thursday, July 19, 2012


McKay just left for Scoutcamp.

A man from scout camp called me and asked for McKay. I asked if I could take a message (he was at work) and the man said he was just wondering what time he could expect McKay there. Knowing my early bird husband would come home in a hurry from work running around the house like a stress-ball to grab everything and want to leave by 5:15, I said, "Umm...he will probably leave around earlier than six." I bought him about an hour. You're welcome honey. Sorry scouts. The truth is, I just wanted him home a little longer. I'm going to be missing my boy this weekend.

Oh, and we only have one car...which McKay took to camp. Well- technically we have two, but one of those cars had tabs that expired last June (shhh). Anyways, after a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago, we decided to follow the rules and not "play with fire," as my mom would say. SO...McKay took the car. I am stuck at home for two days.

Jax has been screaming all day. Mid-scream, I looked into his mouth to see if any teeth were coming in (he's usually a very happy boy). What do you know! THREE teeth coming in. THREE?! I would be screaming too. I can't even wear my retainer for one night, and as McKay would say, my bottom teeth are now "SOO crooked." They're not that bad guys...

P.S. So I was thinking it would be good to do a "scout" themed outfit, but then I realized I had nothing that would work and the idea slipped my mind. Now, looking at these pictures, I guess it is a little "scouty" if you count that I'm wearing boots (which scouts wear when they're hiking...right?) and also turquoise (which is a stone... and stones are used by scouts to make fires and knives.)


  1. i adore this look - especially that skirt! you are so gorgeous!

  2. Ha ha, this outfit is too pretty to remind me of scouts! :) Love the lace and the color of your skirt is so pretty!

    xo Jenny

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  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! I love that red skirt on you! And thanks so much for the blog comment!

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  5. I love your necklace! What cute outfits & I love your blog!! :)
    Where on earth did you score the necklace at?!


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