Sunday, March 25, 2012


Finally, I have some time to sit and blog! It has been a LONG week. Actually, it has been a long month. McKay had a trade show this week for work and for a few days, didn't get home until after five. I usually count down and barely last UNTIL five, so it was a little challenging for me. On top of that, McKay is now...


(of our ward)

So he had to be gone Friday and most of Saturday. The best part of this week was shopping with my mom on Friday. After getting a few things for our house I came home and found out that my mom is a professional decorator! (Not really professional, but REALLY good).

Actually, the REAL best part of my week was this little surprise:

We have a CRAWLER!!!
(And dad can relax)

AND a few more pics of the last month with our little Jax boy:

First time eating by himself in his high chair

Poor baby boy with a fever on daddy

I just thought this was cute, haha

Every morning!
cheerios+cereal+drool=cutest baby ever (and a bath)

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