Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines Day &...GOODBYE!

This Valentine's Day was exactly ONE year since the day that we found out we were having a baby boy! It also came on a very busy busy week. Friday (today actually) we are leaving on a cruise, and the whole week was spent running last-minute errands and getting ready. McKay and I decided that we were going to budget pretty tightly until we left, so the night before Valentine's Day, we decided that we wouldn't do gifts, but that I would give him an amount he could spend, and he had to plan the entire night with that.

Jax and I spent all morning blowing up balloons. We planned to decorate McKay's cubicle at work when he left for his break. It was a great morning, until my mother called. She asked if we had checked in for the cruise Then she asked if we had a birth cirtificate for Jax to get on the ship...umm, 

Of course, at the point, I freaked out, got online, and learned that the quickest way we could get one was probably in like four days. I called McKay, panicking and he said he would come home then. I stuffed the balloons in our den. McKay got out to his car and found a flat tire. 
Then he ran home. All the way home.
By the time he got home I was crying a little bit, and was a little annoyed it took him so long. He was breathing really hard. I kind of remember him telling me he had to run home, but I don't think it registered. We drove my car to the office and spent about three hours figuring out a way to get a birth certificate from Idaho (BTW, if you ever need one in 24 hours, it's possible).
At that point, I thought Valentine's Day was ruined. I didn't get to decorate his office and it was not my most "romantic" day. I was more just hysterical and a huge nag.
I got home and McKay texted me, making sure I was picking him up from work. It was at that point that I asked, "Did you run all the way home?!"

As soon as I picked him up from work, my very sweet and creative husband gave me this:

He said I still had to stick them on my forehead.
(Don't judge my disgusting hair)

I chose "Supa splash spa-ratic" and "Asian Supplies!"

After that, he made me get out of the car and he left. When he got home, he made me stay in a room where he threw me slippers and a robe- telling me to put them on.
(Don't worry- this blog is G-rated)

Finally, I got to come out, where my cute husband had a "Asian" dinner waiting for me and a "spa."
He then gave me a list: back massage, foot rub, pedicure, manicure, face mask- for both of us.
He told me to pick three and he would do them. (So cute right?)

Honestly, we were both so tired, I suggested that we just watch Gossip Girl.

That night, McKay made reservations for us to have my favorite dessert at my favorite restaurant. We dropped Jax off at my grandma & grandpas and rushed to our 9:45 reservation to get the best Blackberry Cobbler IN THE WORLD.

It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

McKay started eating too much, so I had to have some time with the dessert alone.

It was a long day.


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