Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Week Randoms

Random pics from last Sunday- just had to post.
I am so in love with these boys.


We had family pictures this Saturday with Allegra. She is amazing. (To view her blog, click here!)
We actually had them last Saturday too but I loved them, and wanted more!

Thursday morning, prior to pictures, we woke up, the sun was shining, Jax was happy, so I threw my camera in the car and decided to take Jax on a "trial run" to get him used to the beach and see how he would do. I picked up my little sis from school and together we went to the beach and acted obnoxious trying to get Jax to look at the camera. Mid-way through, Lexi (raising her eyebrows and covering her mouth) goes, "Umm Ali...your underwear are showing." (from bending over)...thanks Lex! haha

I am still practicing...I struggle with getting them sharp. These do not look good blown up. What do people use? Tripod? More light? I don't know...practice, practice.

Little helper with her nephew.

I seriously think she is the prettiest little girl I have ever seen!
oh...and Jax...doing the "sniffing" thing...haha

P.S. There are 9 days until Valentine's Day :)
McKay, if you read this post, here are some ideas:

1. Foot massage
2. Take me to see The Vow (PLEASEEE!!!)
3. Remember the shoes I pointed out, that I love...
4. Paint the kitchen

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  1. Want copies!!!!! Nicole an I are going to the vow


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