Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello everyone! We Walkers have been busy lately...and I am really bad at blogging. It seems like the days are so packed-full of things to do that at night when I can actually blog, I just crash. I will do my best to do an update on what we have been up to.

Jax is getting bigger every day- it's sad and so much fun at the same time. It's sad packing up his little diapers and newborn clothes...but SO much fun seeing him smile, giggle and grow.

We are finally all moved in to our new house. We love it! I will post pictures soon!

Mostly, I have just been busy with this little boy...he is so much fun!

We are always so glad when dad comes home from work!

We love going to football games...Jared and Chad are both playing for Kamiak. This is Jarebear's game last week. Jax loves watching his uncles play.

Sometimes he gets tired of them though...

Jared is #15

Comfy on grandma


Watching with grandpa

Lexi is so cute watching our brothers

Look at that face! (Impossible not to kiss constantly)

Ashley got me these diapers. I was thinking that we would have a few weeks until Jax would fit into them...(these are for kids 16-28 pounds and he is NOT 16 pounds)...umm NOPE! This week I noticed his diapers were getting a little right on his tummy, so we tried these and they were PERFECT! 

It is so cute to watch Lexi and Jax. She is always taking care of him when she is around and making sure he is happy. Every time he cries she picks him up and pats his back and talks to him. She loves to ride in the back of the car and take care of him while I am driving. Jax loves his auntie Lex....and they are so cute to watch!

This night was funny. I got up at around five-thirty with Jax to feed him. After I fed him, I started changing his diaper and was really surprised that he hadn't really "gone." All of the sudden, he had a major blowout (in my direction). I screamed and McKay woke up scared...and we mostly just laughed! After we were cleaned, showered and changed...we all went back to bed. 

We were a little tired...but Jax sure felt better and was having fun!

We love our Jax! And he was a little tired getting ready for church today...

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