Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We went with the Paces to Rigby Lake. It was so nice to be out of our 80-degree apartment. We always have fun with Juston and Brighton!

Mommies with our two little boys!

Laying out...

NEXT...we were off to the Clarks!

Here is a picture of Jason making us really yummy burgers.

We ate REALLY REALLY good food at Jason and Jan's and then walked around to try to find a good view of the fireworks. We laid out our blankets for about an hour and played a fun card game and then went to set up our stuff on the sidewalk right before the fireworks were about to start. The boys were sweet and let the girls have the chairs!...but we all ended up moving during the show to sit close to our hubbies! After fireworks, we went back to Jason and Jan's and they made us really good milkshakes! It was such a fun night...and Jason and Jan are great hosts! Thanks guys! :)


  1. it was such a fun day! :) and I love how we look super white (ok, Jusotn and I) when we are laying out...and then red at the fireworks. I still can't get over how ridiculous my tan lines are!


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