Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As of today...I am OVER 36 weeks! 

And we are getting uncomfortable...not just me, my little boy who is completely squished in my ribs right now. I used to feel lots of movement and now I just feel a little elbow jabs and knees that can't move around much anymore. I feel so bad but I don't know what I can do...he should just come out!


Last night = worst night of my life. 

I hate these things...

We were both so tired last night...so tired, that McKay feel asleep while I was washing my face before bed. Right when I got in bed and closed my eyes, I heard the most ANNOYING sound outside my window, the sound of a cricket. I tried to tell myself that it was a sound of nature, but there was no way that I could fall asleep with it. It was seriously obnoxious. It sounded like it was sitting on our window being as loud as it could. I woke up McKay (which was really mean) and asked if he could hear it and he told me that I should just enjoy it...haha, but then he couldn't fall asleep. Finally, I put on my bathrobe and went outside with a shoe so I could kill it. When I got out there, it stopped so I just threw rocks because I thought that would scare it ( I was a little bit delirious). Anyways, right when I got back inside in our bed, it started again, so I slept on the couch. McKay fell asleep holding the pillow around his head. It was a horrible night and today we both fell asleep at school. 


  1. i hate crickets too! theyre nasty and gross! you still look beautiful ali

  2. Hahahaha Al!! First of all, you are so dang cute pregnant. I love those pictures. And second, reading that cricket story I was laughing out loud because I can totally picture u doing that!! Hahahaha I can't wait to hear when your in the hospital havin that baby! I love u!


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