Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only NINE and a half more weeks...we are almost to the single digit-weeks. Anyways, lately McKay and I have been trying to do research on the best (and cutest) baby stuff. I feel like I always find something I like, buy it and then see something I like way better a month tell me if you have seen anything better/cuter. I still can't decide on a crib. I've decided on an off-white one, but not THE crib yet. I think it's the time that we need to start finding a stroller, car seat, etc. though. This is what I like so far...

Oh...and I want a chair like this...but something cuter...haha

We had a Dr. appt today and everything went great! Our baby boy is right on track! My Dr. said he would induce me at 39 weeks...but there are risks involved, so I don't think I will be doing that! I am just PRAYING the baby will come right on time. With my luck that won't happen though :)

Does anyone else use Unisom during their whole entire pregnancy? For some reason, it's the only thing that keeps me feeling good during the days. It's just a sleep tab that you take at night and it doesn't really help me sleep at all, but it helps me not feel sick...weird. Anyways, I was out of it last night and felt sick all day today. 

I still can't find baby bedding that I like ANYWHERE. I have one throw that my grandma got me in Utah that I LOVE and can't find anything else. I give up on baby boy patterns...there is nothing cute. I think I am doing all textures. If anyone knows of any cute textured bedding, let me know! 

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  1. those are cute! target also has cute ones that ive seen


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