Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(29 weeks)

First of all, I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! Even though I didn't deserve it, McKay made me breakfast in bed. It was SO good. He learned to make crepes on his mission in the West Indies and he had never made them for me before...best crepes I EVER had! It was a great Sunday...relaxing at home with just the two (almost three!!!!) of us and skyping with our families. 

Sorry about our un-matching bedding...our comforter needs to be washed so we're using some random stuff...don't judge. We got the cutest bedding for our wedding from my grandma and grandpa but I am refusing to use it until we move. I have a hard time using things that are brand-new...

These are the best candles. I had been wanting them for FOREVER. 

He can do tricks!

We thought McKay's grandpa was funny in this one

Other than Mother's Day weekend, we haven't been doing much. McKay is super, super busy in school this semester.  It's hard but it's so nice to think about it being our last! The baby continues to kick like crazy...to the point where I am saying "ouch!" I was reading that he will grow to almost three times the size he is now within the next two months... so I am a little scared! haha

ALSO, My mom got her first letter from Cody! He says he is loving the coconut ice cream in the MTC...haha


  1. Ali! You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl I know!

  2. Fun blog! You are so cute pregnant! Can't wait to see you guys and baby boy. I have another stack of clothes waiting for him:)


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