Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm a wife!

FIRST blog entry of married life! Well, as of today, we have been married one week and one day. I have to say that this has been the best week and one day of my life! McKay said that since we are married, I can start a blog :) so I am going to try to keep everyone updated on our crazy life. We got back from our honeymoon in Canon Beach, Oregon last Wednesday. It was BEAUTIFUL. We stayed in a hotel on the beach directly in front of Haystack Rock. We were in awe looking at the view! In Canon Beach we shopped, relaxed and ATE. They had the best food in the world. We took a ton of pictures on the beach that I would post…except, for one problem: I think we left my camera there! We got back to Washington and will be here until school starts in September. I never thought I would say this, but I am seriously missing Rexburg! I want to be in our little apartment with my hubby.

Enough of the boring stuff.

Married life= AMAZING (also…not what I expected)

Being engaged was the best, but we COULDN’T WAIT to get married. I felt like our engagement just dragged. Every day, I dreamed about married life- being the perfect wife (unrealistically perfect). Little did I know, when I got married I would actually stay the same person ha. If my mom read this, I would hear a big “I told ya so.”

Experiences so far…

1. McKay’s First Day of Work

Dream: Get up three hours before he leaves, shower, primp, make him breakfast and have a lunch ready to send him off with.
Reality: He woke me up at six, I dragged myself out of bed to drive him. We ate Frosted Flakes. 

2. First Sunday at Church Together

Dream: Jump out of bed, get all ready for church, make both of us breakfast, and drive to church thirty-minutes early.
Reality: Got out of bed, showered. Was in the car at 10:47 (church starts at 10:50). We had a talk about being on time.

3. First Married Date

Dream: Go to dinner and a movie. Make him feel like it was the first date we ever went on.
Reality: We went to a movie- I laid in his lap and fell asleep for half of it.

So, I have a FEW things to work on. Today during and after church I have been thinking…A LOT. I decided to start with a few goals- some small things to work on. I made a list to start with. This is what I have so far.

1. I will never be the reason we are late to church

2. I will wake up before McKay has work and make sure he has everything he needs

3. I will stay awake during our dates

I know I am no expert on married life, but I have to say it is amazing, perfect, incredible and SO MUCH MORE. Sometimes I still feel like this is WAY too good to be true. I look at my husband and think…how did I get so lucky?! It is such a blessing to be married eternally to my best friend. I am loving being a wife…for the short week and one day that I have been… :)

Update soon! 


  1. ALI!!! K first of all... we need to talk! I MISS YOU. I hope married life is all it has been talked up to be! I am so excited you blog now! I am posting your blog on the side of mine so we can read each others all the time!! i love and miss you guys. Can't wait to see you again!

  2. Marriage is great! Hard work and ups and downs but wonderful.

  3. Never say never! I am sure I was always the reason we were late for church. I even started getting ready eariler and that still didn't work! Getting everyone else ready after I was ready seemed to help! Good luck! Enjoy the journey and remember you can't be where you are today without the experiences you had yesterday!

  4. I would NEVER say "I told you so":) You and McKay are an amazing couple and It has been a perfect wedding time for the whole family. I'm so glad to see you making good goals together and striving to have such a great marriage. You are both very special and I know you'll have a great life together. ps.....You will have a blast being in your very own apartment in Rexburg.
    I'm sooooo happy for you!
    mom loves ya!!!

  5. I am so glad you have a blog. they are the best. I am also sad that we can't be Rexburg Married friends because I love and miss Rexburg
    I loved this post because it was EXACTLY what I thought! Man you got it exactly I laughed the entire time... now almost 3 years later I am still working on perfection. But its alright.
    Glad we can stay intouch with blogging. even though you make me feel old, I love you girl!

  6. You are both so fortunate to have each other. He is one in a million. But he married above his head, so you will both have a great eternity together.

  7. this brings me back to being a newlywed.... and you know what, I STILL feel the butterflies after almost 6 years!!!! You two are perfect for eachother and make the best match. (side note: I made my husband his lunch for work his first day... and never again. I am not perfect but oh well... I am HOT!.. and that is what men want, right? LOL)

  8. Ali you are cute. I love your blog. Everyday remember why you fell in love and never let that spark go away and you will wake up every day happy to see his sweet face next to yours.


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