Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Memory: By Lacie

i have a love/hate relationship with Valentine's Day. i loveeee pink and glitter and hearts. but i hate red roses. and my husband always gets me red roses on Valentine's Day even though he knows i hate them. and i always get him a t-shirt from Target because i never know what to get him. i used to get crafty and make him photo books or coupons for "free 20-minute foot rub!" and "1 cooked dinner of your choice!" (but let's be honest. when it came time to cash out those coupons, i would be all "sorry, don't feel like it. maybe you could rub your own feet and i'll run to Taco Bell to get dinner?") 

anyway,so there was this one Valentine's Day when i decided that i would give him The Ultimate Gift. a gift that no one else would have. a gift that keeps on giving. a gift that topped all other gifts. and i was so excited about it. and so i built up the gift. i said to my husband, "OMG I GOT YOU THE BEST GIFT EVER IN LIFE FOR VALENTINE'S DAY THIS YEAR" and "Jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! have i told you that i bought you you a GREAT present for VDAY?! huh? huh? DID I TELL YA?!" and so he was probably expecting like a new TV or perhaps a new boat. but actually i bought him something even better. i bought him (well, us) these gifts:

custom red sweatshirts that read, "MY HEART BELONGS TO LACIE" and "MY HEART BELONGS TO JEREMY." all-caps obviously. i wanted the sweatshirts to be like they were punching you in the face with love. my husband opened up the gifts and was verrrrrry surprised. and then he just laughed. and laughed and laughed. and we wore them all day and had idiot conversations about them. i would say, "oh hey, HEY, Jeremy? um, so who does your heart belong to?" and he'd be all "oh! Lacie! funny you should ask that. WHAT a good question. you should look at my new sweatshirt for the answer!" and when we took the dog for a walk that evening we linked arms and wore the sweatshirts and were kind of embarrassed because everyone would stare and snicker at us. but it really was such great fun.

and the thing is, i thought the sweatshirts would be a great joke. and they totally were. but every once in a while, as Jeremy is up and shuffling about at the devil's hour of 5 a.m. getting ready to go for a run, i catch a glimpse of him in The Valentine's Day Sweatshirt. he literally runs around town in that thing, proudly proclaiming that indeed, his heart does belong to Lacie.


  1. hahahaha best gift ever. i laughed out loud at "like punching you in the face with love". too funny :)

  2. hahaha love this post so much... its realness just makes it 100x more adorable.

  3. hahaha this really is amazing. if i gave this sweatshirt to my hubby he would be so embarressed but i think he would secretly love it too :)

  4. I finally was able to catch up on your blog and I'm IN LOVE with this little series! You're so creative and original with your post and you guys are just flat out adorable! Hope your little fam had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

    It's an Easy Life

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  6. That is freaking adorable!! How creative!!


  7. Haha! I love this! Best gift EVER:)))! Happy Valentine's Day girl!

  8. i love that he still wears it! :) :) :) That is amazing, and why wouldn't he, she she sounds awesome!

  9. Those sweatshirts are hilarious. What a funny idea! And I love that he still wears it.

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