Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Memory: By Ashley

When Ali asked me to write about my favorite Valentine’s Day for her I knew exactly which one I was going to talk about, it was 6 years ago and one that I spent planning WITH ALI!
I was 17 and it was my first Valentine’s Day with Tony. Tony and I weren’t even a month into our relationship but I was crazy about this boy so I wanted to go all out and have tons of fun. Ali’s high school boyfriend and Tony went to the same high school as each other so we decided to be bad and skip school in the middle of the day to really make this day something the boys would remember. I baked Tony sugar cookies and bought a ton of bags of Swedish fish (his favorite) the day before. On Valentine’s Day Ali and I made a run for her car in the middle of school to cut class and head to the boys’ high school. We went to the store and bought helium balloons and a ton of construction paper and sat in Ali’s car and cut out MILLIONS of paper hearts! Before school ended I decorated Tony’s car with a TON of the paper hearts, tied balloons to his mirrors, and placed the cookies and candy on his hood. Ali and I hid in her car and waited for the boys to come out, I still can picture Tony’s shocked face when he saw his car decked out in pink and red hearts! I jumped out of Ali’s car and received the biggest hug and kiss! I am happy to say 6 years later Tony and I are still happily dating and he still says that Valentine’s Day was the best surprise ever!
(OH! And a little fun fact: Tony got pulled over by a cop on his way home from school that day because he didn’t want to take the balloons off his car!)

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